Do I have to get undressed for my appointment?

You can undress to your comfort level; most people either undress completely or leave their undergarments on. Women usually take their bras off as the strap blocks important areas on their back. If getting a stretch therapy session you can leave your clothes on and stretchy clothes are recommended!

Do you offer same day or walk-ins?

While we do not offer Walk-ins, same-day service might be available. It is always best to book ahead!

Do you offer Lymphatic Drainage?

No, unfortunately we do not currently.

What if im late?

Try to arrive 10 - 5 minutes before your service. If late, we'll try our best to give you the full service (it depends on closing time and other appointments). If you want to cancel the appointment it is best to do so at least 2 hours beforehand.

How do I cancel or reschedule

When you book a service with your email, information will be sent to you about your appointment! You can cancel or reschedule from your email and it's best to do so at least two hours beforehand!

How often should I get a massage?

This depends on the severity of your problems. Getting massaged regularly is important for physical health maintenance but my goal is to help fix your problems so you can have fewer visits. Our goal is once a month. Memberships are available for people who want to get on a regular plan and fix their problems! you can get them here.

Do you do House Calls

I do, currently you have to call me to book. Eventually you'll be able to online.


Do you accept card?

Yes I accept card, cash and Cashapp. Your information is used by square and isn't kept by any party

Do you take insurance?

I currently do not accept insurance but I'm working on it!